In addition to my weekly schedule of group classes, I offer individualized sessions.
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Private Sessions

In each “one on one” private session, I will move you through a yoga set –a Kriya– which will address your individual physical concerns. I will also assist you in letting go of habitual ways of thinking that may prevent you from realizing your goals and desires. When the physical and mental work is done in unison, you experience faster insights and growth.

Gentle Yoga

Enjoy a dose of Easy Flow Yoga which incorporates guided breath work and meditation. This class is appropriate for elders, pregnant women, clients with injuries and anyone who wishes to experience the healing, therapeutic benefits of yoga through gentle movement.

Couples Yoga

An evening of deep communion between you and your beloved. Breathe together, meditate together and move as one through yoga poses which enhance and enliven you both. Experience a deep connection and discover ways to learn more about each other’s desires and how to enhance your time together.