Tara is to me the embodiment of the voice of the great earth mother. As she leads us through our poses and kriyas, Tara speaks so very naturally of our creaturely connectedness to the earth and how we are supported and sustained by it. Her rich, warm voice and excellent use of music and vibration create a deep meditative tone to our practice. I especially appreciate how much this ambiance supports my focus and endurance during the most challenging kundalini kriyas. Tara is highly educated in body mechanics and she brings her knowledge to all of her classes to keep us safe from injury, even in kundalini, which is not known for its attention to the details of postures and exercises. With her attention to detail, gracious support of students of all levels, and obvious love of yoga, Tara is a blessing and a delight. —Sheilah

I have practiced yoga for 25 years and find Tara Thomas to be an outstanding teacher. Combining verbal directions for each pose, she also models and offers spiritual instruction. In addition, Tara provides encouragement as we practice the asanas. Her teaching deepens the spiritual quality of my yoga practice. I am most grateful and appreciative of her teaching. —Cornelia

Tara’s commitment, skill and love of yoga elevated our teacher training class to another level. —Purusha Hickson, Teacher Trainer

Tara is truly an amazing yoga instructor, both gentle and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her classes and private sessions to anyone desiring to release pain and enjoy a freer and more fulfilling life. —Wanda Marie, Business Consultant

Tara’s greatest gift is her empathy with her students and their process. This allows her to be present with them as they expand their boundaries. —Isaiah McGee, CHt

Both down to earth and connected in a spiritual dimension, Tara is welcoming and understanding of each person’s unique bodily situation. Practicing with Tara has been strengthening and empowering. She has been a wonderful teacher for me. Thank you Tara! —Sarah